January 14, 2017

Link: Justin Blanton on the iPhone’s Tenth Anniversary ☍

Justin Blanton, who is using an iPhone 7 as his primary computer reflects on the iPhone’s tenth anniversary:

I used nearly every iteration of the various mobile operating systems that existed from 1998 to 2007, including Series 60, Symbian, PalmOS, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, etc., and for a while I really missed playing with and testing them as they added this or that feature.

But gradually that changed as the mobile OS world fractured wildly and then eventually consolidated into just two real players, and the iPhone’s indispensability in my life continued to grow with each new release. The tradeoff has been more than worth it — I love the iPhone and can’t imagine my life without it.

Link: Brad Mangin Made More from Photo Gigs in 2016 with His iPhone Than His DSLRs ☍

Brad Mangin:

This iPhone assignment the final week of the year was the icing on the cake in a year that saw my business turn upside down. I have been a freelance sports photographer since 1993, with my main clients being Sports Illustrated and Major League Baseball. PetaPixel wrote a story about me last year in which I talked about the changing business and how difficult things had become for me.

In 2016, the tide began to turn for me a little bit. I still earned my living shooting paid assignments and licensing stock images, but for the first time ever I made more money shooting paid gigs with my iPhone than with my Canon.

I can see how this would happen—the iPhone’s camera (especially on the 7 Plus) is getting good enough for many things and is way more convenient. I doubt DSLRs will die anytime soon, but having some controls, RAW support, and the ability to tweak on-device really has changed the process for some.

Link: Tech Bros Don’t See Women in the Future ☍

Erin Gloria Ryan for The Daily Beast:

I turned to the male friend I was with, a writer for another publication. I told him it seems strange that the tech industry has such a hard-on for Virtual Reality when it seems like the last thing a woman wearing makeup would want to do would be to put a thing on her face. Doesn’t it get sweaty under a VR headset? Doesn’t it pick up foundation along the edges? Doesn’t it leave red marks on the face, or mess up her hair? I’d never put something like that over my face. Women know that the punishment they receive for acts of vanity pales in comparison to the social fallout they’d face if they shirked male expectations for how they’re supposed to look. If one of the cheerleader models had shown up to PepCom with her makeup smeared and hair mussed, she’d be told to fix it or go home.

Huh, he said. I’ve never thought of that.

January 9, 2017

Article: January 9, 2007

There will be plenty of articles published today looking at the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone. We’ll most likely see another round of items shared on June 29, the tenth anniversary of when you could actually buy one. The thing is, both were special, but the launch of the iPhone itself left a lot of people unprepared for how massively it would reshape the technology and communications industries…

January 4, 2017

“Apple, for the first time in over a decade, simply isn’t firing on all cylinders. Please don’t interpret that as ‘Apple is doomed’ because it’s not, but there are things it’s doing a lot less well than it could — and has. Apple’s out of sync with itself.”