August 9, 2002

Article: Hard a Port: Riding the Rough Seas of USB ‘Plug and Pray’

Ahh, the wonderful ease and simplicity of the Mac. What’s that then? I just seem to get hassle, as I suspect so many others do too. Yes, my iMac is cute and funky and fluffy and fuzzy, but it’s still not a joy to use. USB ports are a particular niggle of mine. It’s bad […]

August 8, 2002

Article: Introducing the Apple ShyMac and ShyBook

Hurrah! Colored computers and fancy optical mice aplenty. Chant that ‘Think Different’ mantra, don’t bathe and go wandering free in that glorious reality distortion field. Been there, seen it, bought the Mac. Now help me out here; after all this, my Macs are chronically shy!