August 29, 2003

Review: RadTech ScreenSavrz

Anybody with a recently-made Apple portable (as well as many PC portables) know how the keyboard seems to scuff the screen. As laptops keep getting thinner, engineers have to reduce the amount of ‘extra space’ between the keyboard and screen when closed. Any time a little bit of pressure is applied to the back of […]

August 15, 2003

Review: RadTech PowerSleevz

We continue our product reviews of RadTech products this week with the PowerSleevz, a glovelike case for Apple’s portables. Custom-fitted for each machine, these PowerSleevzs can include a logo of some sort, either your machine name or a logo. They’re small enough to fold up and fit in your pocket! A very simple design, but […]

August 8, 2003

Review: RadTech WildEepz

Got a recent Apple portable? AluBook? Good. iBook? Good. TiBook? Even better! I’m sure you know how the rubber bumpers that prevent the screen ‘half’ of the computer from hitting the keyboard ‘half’ when it’s closed really seem to be sub-par, compared with everything else from Apple. Did yours fall off or rip and Apple […]