February 20, 2004

Review: RoadTools Podium CoolPad

As portable computers get cheaper, smaller, thinner, and more powerful, something else increases – heat. So much so, in fact, that many portables, including Apple’s PowerBooks, are too hot to use on your lap for long periods of time. If they’re this hot on your lap, how hot do they get on your desk?

February 17, 2004

Review: XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case

We’ve reviewed various iPod cases in the past, and we have now had the opportunity to review the leather XtremeMac Deluxe iPod Case for a few weeks. The Deluxe iPod Case provides plenty of protection, a high-quality design, and good looks at a reasonable price.

February 4, 2004

Review: MacAlly iceKey

The keyboard is a fundamental component of modern computer systems, and the “feel” of the keyboard’s keys is very important. Many laptop users begin to prefer the scissor-action keys found on modern laptops, leading them to suffer through (relatively) poor ergonomics in order to use a keyboard whose “feel” they’re accustomed to.