March 26, 2004

Review: X-Style Universal Keyboard Protector

Laptop keyboards are dirt, dust, and food magnets. Fortunately, there are many products to keep things from falling between the keys. One such product is the X-Style Universal Notebook Keyboard Protector. Essentially a plastic sheet with two rubber straps to hold it in place, this protector is designed to fit most laptops.

Review: Rain Design iRest

Users of recent Macs generally have matching input devices and want to get accessories, such as wrist rests and mouse pads. Some run into the problem of finding one that matches their computer.

March 12, 2004

Review: Griffin PowerMate

Griffin Technology, maker of various cool Mac and iPod goodies, has recently released a new version of the PowerMate driver software. We had the opportunity to take it for a spin.

March 5, 2004

Review: Marware SportFolio II

Besides being concerned about theft, most people would prefer their laptops to be safe from bumps and bangs throughout the day. One problem is that most laptop cases are too bulky, don’t fit well in a bigger bag, or are too small, keeping users from carrying any accessories (such as an AC adapter) with the […]