June 29, 2004

Review: Griffin iCurve

After trying many other laptop stands, we thought we’d give the iCurve by Griffin Technology a try. We remember when these were in high demand back when they were released a few years ago. The iCurve itself is made of clear, polycarbonate plastic, matching the iBooks perfectly, but also looking good with a PowerBook or […]

June 9, 2004

Article: The iBook’s Dirty Little Secret

I’ve been a Mac user for years, always buying used Macs for tinkering and doing work with. When I went off to school, I decided that it was time I got a new Mac, as I’d want to take advantage of WiFi, burning CDs, and doing things in more than 120MHz. This was a little […]

June 3, 2004

Review: Rain Design iLap

I thought the iLap by Rain Design was going to be just another laptop stand. Sure, it looks nice, as this aluminum stand matches the PowerBook G4s perfectly, and still matches the overall motif of the iBook, but I wondered what made the iLap better than cheaper stands from other companies. I soon learned that […]