July 28, 2004

Review: MacMice Mouse

With Apple’s products, a certain style is noticed. Unfortunately, finding a replacement mouse or adding a mouse to a laptop is tough if you want to make sure that the style matches and allows the use of a scroll wheel or secondary button. The Mouse by MacMice claims to be the solution. We decided to […]

July 26, 2004

Review: Griffin iTalk

Last fall, when the iTunes Music Store’s Windows version was announced, some other things were shown off, too. Apple showed a voice recorder made by Belkin, which allowed users to record things directly on their iPods. A small speaker allowed playback of messages and songs. Unfortunately, the microphone was somewhat weak, and there was no […]

July 23, 2004

Review: Logitech Cordless Click

Most Mac users aren’t huge fans of the Apple Pro Mouse (or its newer, cheaper sibling), and many are also less-than-thrilled with Apple’s cordless mouse. They aren’t bad, but the lack of an extra button or scroll wheel are deal-breakers. Most people buy a new mouse to replace the Apple-supplied one, but with so many […]

July 20, 2004

Review: iSkin ProTouch XT

Sometimes Eric needs to take a little break from writing this site or step aside so someone more qualified can chime in. In this case, Eric’s brother Paul offers a review of a protector for his eMac keyboard. The iSkin ProTouch XT is a molded, silicone cover for the Apple Keyboard and the Apple Wireless […]

July 13, 2004

Review: Sumajin Smartwrap

Most people who have an iPod do the same thing when they put it in their bag or pocket – they wrap the cables around the case or around a finger or two and then find themselves with a tangled mess when they retrieve their iPod. Some users may use a velcro tie or a […]