July 28, 2004

Review: MacMice Mouse

With Apple’s products, a certain style is noticed. Unfortunately, finding a replacement mouse or adding a mouse to a laptop is tough if you want to make sure that the style matches and allows the use of a scroll wheel or secondary button. The Mouse by MacMice claims to be the solution. We decided to […]

July 26, 2004

Review: Griffin iTalk

Last fall, when the iTunes Music Store’s Windows version was announced, some other things were shown off, too. Apple showed a voice recorder made by Belkin, which allowed users to record things directly on their iPods. A small speaker allowed playback of messages and songs. Unfortunately, the microphone was somewhat weak, and there was no […]

July 23, 2004

Review: Logitech Cordless Click

Most Mac users aren’t huge fans of the Apple Pro Mouse (or its newer, cheaper sibling), and many are also less-than-thrilled with Apple’s cordless mouse. They aren’t bad, but the lack of an extra button or scroll wheel are deal-breakers. Most people buy a new mouse to replace the Apple-supplied one, but with so many […]

July 20, 2004

Review: iSkin ProTouch XT

The iSkin ProTouch XT is a molded, silicone cover for the Apple Keyboard and the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The main purpose of this is to protect the keyboard from hair, crumbs, spills, dust, and dirt. The ProTouch XT is available in two different colors: Arctic (white) and Sonic (blue). More colors are expected in the […]

July 13, 2004

Review: Sumajin Smartwrap

Most people who have an iPod do the same thing when they put it in their bag or pocket – they wrap the cables around the case or around a finger or two and then find themselves with a tangled mess when they retrieve their iPod. Some users may use a velcro tie or a […]