October 26, 2004

Review: iSkin eVo/eVo²

Back in December, when we reviewed the iSkin eXo², we thought that it could not get any better, since it had fixed many of the original iSkin eXo’s flaws. We were wrong. The iSkin eVo and eVo² are even more impressive. Since they’re essentially the same as the eXo², almost all of the original review […]

October 19, 2004

Review: Contour Showcase 4G

The new Contour Showcase 4G, essentially is the same as the original Showcase, except that it features a redesigned foam cushion and changed cutouts on the front for the iPod’s click wheel. Because of this, most of our previous review applies.

October 11, 2004

Review: Marware SportSuit Convertible

Owners of the newest iPods find themselves with few choices for cases…at least currently, as many manufacturers are just starting to ship updated cases to fit the new button layout. Marware was one of the first to update its case offerings, with the SportSuit Convertible. Being a versatile, neoprene case, the SportSuit keeps the iPod […]

October 1, 2004

Review: Griffin EarJams

The stock iPod earbuds are a simple thing…you either love ’em or hate ’em. Many people replace the earbuds with another set, especially the type that fit inside the ear canal. Griffin Technology has devised an accessory, the EarJams, that attempts to make the stock earbuds as good as more expensive models.