November 29, 2004

Review: Griffin radioSHARK

When Griffin Technology announced the radioSHARK USB AM/FM radio earlier this year, many people were anxious to get their hands on one. After a long delay, it was finally ready for primetime. We had the chance to try one out, and overall, we’d have to agree.

November 10, 2004

Review: Power Support Swivel Fix Stand & Silicone Jacket

iPod cases and stands are a dime a dozen, right? Obviously, but a new challenger has come onto the scene with both stands for iPods and silicone cases. Power Support, a company who originally only sold products in Japan has brought some of its products into the US market. We had the chance to take […]

November 5, 2004

Review: MacAlly PHR-100AF

You can buy a hard drive from almost anywhere, and usually the internal ATA drives will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Unfortunately, they are designed mostly to be used inside a computer. There are external FireWire and USB drives, but sometimes they are costly and don’t offer flexibility. Products like the MacAlly […]