February 28, 2005

Article: Apple Needs to Advertise

At any given time, an iPod advertisement will grace the airwaves. The Pepsi/iTunes promotion has also kicked into high gear, so the Apple logo can be seen in a lot of places. With all this buzz about Apple’s digital music division, I find something missing.

February 12, 2005

Review: MacMice Mouse BT

MacMice’s original version of the Mouse was quite impressive, but many wanted a Bluetooth version, especially since Apple now offers one. We had the opportunity to try the Mouse BT from MacMice, now calling itself DVForge.

February 4, 2005

Review: XtremeMac AirPlay

Many iPod owners have been generally disappointed with the performance of FM transmitters. While Griffin’s iTrip works well, XtremeMac has mounted a challenge to the iTrip’s dominance with the new AirPlay FM transmitter. We were curious to see if this $40 unit worked better than Griffin’s.

February 1, 2005

Review: DLO iDirect

Many iPods come with a remote, although it is hardwired between you and the iPod. Until recently, very few third party wireless remotes existed, most notably TEN’s NaviPod. DLO hopes to take a bite out of TEN’s market share with the iDirect, their own take on the iPod remote.