March 30, 2005

Article: One Thing That Annoys Me…

I always find it fascinating when people who are either forced to use a Mac for work or find themselves switching to Windows have to bring up how crappy Macs were before OS X. Granted, I chalk it up to ignorance, but there is still no excuse. Apparently they like to hold operating systems of […]

March 18, 2005

Review: Altec Lansing VS3151

Digital music is now an integral part of the computing experience. Whether in the form of a computer running iTunes, an iPod, or just playing some audio CDs, all the music ends up in the same place — headphones or speakers. Also becoming popular are surround sound systems. Since the internal speakers on most computers […]

March 10, 2005

Review: MacAlly BTMicro

Plenty of Macs come with Bluetooth built in, or at least as a build-to-order option. Older models can have it added inexpensively with a USB adapter. Although the number of Bluetooth devices on the market is still quite small, MacAlly’s new BTMicro is a Bluetooth mouse designed for Mac users, especially for those on the […]

March 2, 2005

Review: Apple iPod shuffle

I am new to the modern iPod world. I had the first 5GB model back in the day (more on that later) but it’s been a long time. A few pieces of this review might register a ‘well duh’ (which is a product of fear) but I don’t have any experience with modern HD based […]

March 1, 2005

Article: Thoughts on “Apple Needs to Advertise”

Let go of the mouse, put the iPod down, take your hands off the keyboard, because it’s time for reader mail about Apple Needs to Advertise…