August 31, 2005

Article: Interview with Camino Lead Mike Pinkerton

Last week, I had the opportunity to discuss the Camino web browser with its lead, Mike Pinkerton. He spoke about the current state of Camino, its competitors, and its future…

August 30, 2005

Review: JBL Creature II

We’ve tested an array of speakers, both designed specifically for iPods and more generic systems that will work with almost any computer, audio player, TV, or stereo. The one problem we found with the latter is that many speaker systems failed to match current Apple products. Since the sound quality is the most important criteria, […]

August 19, 2005

Review: El Gato EyeTV 200

Although there are quite a few TV tuners that connect externally to most Macs, they require USB 2.0. Because of this, many users are left out, especially since FireWire is more common. Elgato, one of the first companies to offer a TV solution for OS X, offers FireWire connectivity and a bit more in its […]

August 16, 2005

Review: MacAlly IceTune

After spending $200 or more on an iPod, you might not have a lot of cash left over. There are plenty of iPod-specific speaker systems, often taking up little space, and offering a Dock Connector to charge your iPod and tap into the superior line-level signal, instead of the headphone jack. The problem is, many […]

August 11, 2005

Article: Back to School Software Spectacular 2005

On Tuesday, we took a look at hardware for students. In this article, we’ve compiled our picks for software…