November 28, 2005

Review: Griffin iMic II

A few months ago, we reviewed Griffin’s iMic. Last month, a newer model was announced that offered the same capabilities with an updated design. Besides being smaller, the new iMic (we’ll call it the iMic II) has text labels for the input, output, and level selector switch. It’s also white to match all the current […]

November 21, 2005

Article: Being Thankful

It’s the time of year where those of us in the United States say what we’re thankful for and spend time with our families. I’ve decided that this will be our last item published for the week, as our staff is going to be traveling and eating lots of turkey. In this article, I’d just […]

November 11, 2005

Review: JBL On Stage II

Usually when a company takes an already solid product and changes it, something bad happens. In the case of JBL’s new On Stage II speakers, it was a matter of combining the existing On Stage speakers with another familiar product, Griffin’s AirClick. The On Stage II is a small dockable iPod speaker system, shaped like […]

November 8, 2005

Review: Griffin TuneBox

The Griffin TuneBox is a portable, 2×2 watt speaker set designed primarily for use with the iPod Shuffle. You get a speaker unit, a power cable, and a small 3.5mm stereo cable. I started out using these not thinking I’d like them, nor would I ever pay money for a product such as this. But […]