December 31, 2005

Article: Best of 2005

Everyone can argue what Apple’s best products were this year—the iPod nano, Mac mini, or even Mac OS X “Tiger”, but in case you wanted to revisit the top things visited on SchwarzTech this year, we’ve compiled them below:

December 23, 2005

Review: Griffin PowerBlock

Over the last few months, the number of iPod pack-ins has decreased. iPods used to come with all the cables one would need, a case, a remote, and even an AC adapter. These days, Apple has cut corners by providing just the iPod, a flimsy case, and a USB to Dock Connector cable. If you […]

December 22, 2005

Review: Pelican 1030i

We’ve reviewed our fair share of iPod cases—some were designed to completely encase your iPod, while others were simply slipcases or pouches. What we haven’t tested is a waterproof case, and Pelican’s 1030i has been a real treat—well, because we got to get creative with our tests…

December 21, 2005

Review: DLO PodFolio for iPod nano

Flip cases, especially the leather variety, have been available for the iPod since the first version of the white gadget flew off the shelves in 2001. With the current iPods, this is no exception. These cases do a pretty good job of protecting against problems, but sometimes take away from the iPod’s appearance. Digital Lifestyle […]

December 20, 2005

Review: Altec Lansing iM5

For anyone that’s been following the iPod speaker segment, Altec Lansing’s inMotion line has become synonymous with portable speakers. Shortly after the introduction of the rather large iM7 “boombox”, the iM5 was released. Despite having a higher number than the iM3, the iM5 is intended to be more of a lower-end model, with a simpler […]