January 27, 2006

Review: UpBeat Audio Boostaroo Revolution

Audio splitters have existed for years, and offered an easy way to share audio between two or more users. Unfortunately, depending on the headphones and the device, the volume might not be up to snuff. UpBeat Audio’s Boostaroo Revolution is a compact amplifier and splitter—a device designed for any iPod, MP3 player, DVD player, or […]

Review: DLO HomeDock

Owners of iPods that can output to a TV have quite a few options for getting what’s on their iPod’s screen to also show on a TV or projector. Without spending a lot of money, one can purchase a cable that carries the audio and video signals from the iPod’s headphone/AV jack to a TV. […]

January 24, 2006

Review: Clips 4 Shuffle Clip

Am I the only one who doesn’t really buy into the whole softcase idea for iPods? Sure they look cool, but do they actually protect the device from anything but scratches? I feel something a little beefier should be trying to absorb the impact my iPod may be absorbing if I drop it.

January 17, 2006

Review: Griffin iTrip Auto

We’ve had the chance to review quite a few versions of Griffin’s popular iTrip line over the last few years. Recently, we tested one of the newest models, and arguably one of the most universal ones—the iTrip Auto. Although its $70 price tag might turn some off from the beginning, it’s not your average iTrip.

January 16, 2006

Article: Odds and Ends

Sometimes while running a news/opinion/review-type web site, one still wants to “blog” occasionally. Well, this is one of those articles. I just wanted to share a bit with my readers and let you know what’s up and where we’re going…