March 30, 2006

Article: Daylight Savings Time

Sometimes articles on this site are borderline “bloggy”. This is one of them. Come April 1st, Indiana will finally be acting like most of the other states. Previously, only the counties near Chicago, Cincinnati, and Evansville changed their clocks in the Spring and Fall.

March 27, 2006

Review: SwitchEasy Capsule

Ever looked at your iPod nano and felt bored? Though the nano exemplifies the futuristic chic design that first attracted us to the iPod, the sea of monotonous black or white colors just don’t cut it for many of us. If you’re like me, you yearn for color! For individualization! For the ability to tell […]

March 22, 2006

Review: Tom Bihn Buzz

We’ve reviewed numerous Tom Bihn products over the past year. Many cases, such as the ID and Brain Bag are familiar-looking bags that utilize inserts for laptop computers, but can be used without a computer. The Buzz, on the other hand, is a laptop case first.

March 21, 2006

Review: Contour Design Showcase Video

A few months ago, we checked out Contour Design’s iSee-video, a fine case for the newest iPods, but for those who would rather have a case more like Contour’s Showcase for the newest iPods no longer have to wait. The Showcase Video is designed for the video-equipped iPods and features some minor changes from its […]

March 20, 2006

Article: Am I The Only One Sick of Childish Ringtones?

Mobile phones are everywhere—that’s a given. But, it seems like every time someone gets a call, we’re subjected to something that sounds like it came out of a late ’80s/early ’90s video game or a distorted-sounding low-fidelity snippit of some pop or rap song. If those are your thing, fine, but it seems like phone […]