April 25, 2006

Article: Why Do We Do What We Do?

This article has been something that I’ve been kicking around for months. I never could really formulate the entire thing previously, mostly because of dead-ends, but I had a chance to really think about this. I’ve been running this site for almost 7 years, and have been writing on various other sites for a good […]

April 18, 2006

Review: Griffin iTrip for iPod nano

All sorts of iTrip models have existed in the past, but usually owners of the smaller iPods have had to put up with using an iTrip that just didn’t fit well with their mini or nano. Griffin changed this with their latest revamped iTrip for iPod nano. It includes new features and a great design […]

April 12, 2006

Review: iCleaner

One common complaint with the current shipping group of iPods is the easily scratched surfaces. Although the iPod itself is a rather sturdy and durable device, the plastic can develop scratches over time. iBooks, iMacs, and other glossy plastic devices can have this happen, as well.

April 11, 2006

Review: Tekkeon myTalker

I’m cheap. There, I said it. As most people know, the only way to listen to music from the iTunes Music Store and have a mobile phone is either to spend quite a bit of money on a Motorola ROKR or SLVR from Cingular or have an iPod and a phone. Since I fall under […]

April 10, 2006

Review: XtremeMac AirPlay²

We were very impressed with XtremeMac’s original AirPlay, which we reviewed over a year ago. It offered features comprable to Griffin’s iTrip, but was much easier to operate.