June 28, 2006

Article: Are Mac Users Too Smug?

Sometimes while hanging around various places around town or browsing forums, I’ll hear the platform wars rage on. We have a lot of Mac-using college students here, as ‘Books are required for education majors and recommended for certain others. Whenever any clueless person inquires about what to get, we still have those who feel like […]

June 26, 2006

Article: The Leopard Screenshots Backlash

Last week, the public saw what were allegedly screenshots of the forthcoming version of Mac OS X “Leopard”. Some saw them as plausable early examples of the new operating system, while others were convinced that they were just some high-quality Photoshop work.

June 20, 2006

Review: DLO Limited Edition Case

Within a few hours of Apple reintroducing the U2 iPod, DLO introduced the Limited Edition Case. This “cross case” (as some have called it) is similar to DLO’s own Relaxed Leather cases, except that it can be used with both fourth- and fifth-generation iPods. Besides that, it appears that the case will not be sold […]

June 12, 2006

Review: Griffin iClear

Over the last few months, the case market for the full-sized iPods has exploded. This is to be expected any time a new iPod variation is introduced, but there’s a common trend with cases for the iPod with video—there are a ton that are made of clear plastic. Griffin’s $20 iClear combines features of other […]

June 7, 2006

Review: Griffin PowerJolt (Second Revision)

Since our last review of the Griffin PowerJolt, a lot has changed. It’s now $5 cheaper, comes in black only, and includes two USB cables. Hardware-wise, the device is much like its predecessor, so most of our old review applies.