October 23, 2006

Article: The iPod: Cheers to 5 Years

Where were you five years ago? Chances are, you were probably sitting at your iMac DV or iBook G3 wondering what was so great about a newfangled gadget known as the iPod. Sure, it could hold almost all the music you had at the time and used FireWire, but it was somewhat bulkier than other MP3 players, and was only available for Mac users…

October 16, 2006

Review: NewsFire

In 2005, when Apple introduced Tiger, many users found out about news (RSS) feeds for the first time, thanks to a built-in news reader in Safari. Unfortunately, Safari tended to choke on more than a handfull of feeds, and many serious about this technology have looked elsewhere. One option is NewsFire, a $19 program by David Watanabe.

October 3, 2006

Review: ShieldZone InvisibleSHIELD

iPod cases are almost an essential item. Most people think of buying an iPod requires an extra $10-$50 expense for a protective case. While this is a good idea, how much case does someone need? ShieldZone thinks almost none in the case of their InvisibleSHIELD product line…