November 29, 2006

News: No iPods in North Korea

We just couldn’t help ourselves. News has been circulating around the Internet that the United States government has banned the sale of “luxury items” to North Korea in an effort to annoy Kim Jong Il…

Article: Is the Mac Web Stale?

Regular readers of this site know that we don’t try to be self-righteous too often. Sure, we might have some shameless plugs, tongue-in-cheek posts, or the reviews with random references that don’t belong in such “respected” print publications—we’d like to think of ourselves more like The Daily Show than CNN.

November 28, 2006

Review: Griffin SiliSkins

About a year and a half ago, we reviewed Griffin’s SiliSkins for the iPod shuffle. The products were silicone sleeves that fit around an iPod shuffle. Now, Griffin has taken the idea one step further for full-sized iPods. For $14, one can get a pack of 3 (black, neon orange, and lime green) for either the fourth-or fifth-generation iPods.

November 14, 2006

Review: iSkin Claro

After being around for five years, the iPod case has pretty much been made in every way possible. There are leather cases, cases with flip-covers, silicone cases, hard plastic cases, and plenty others. iSkin did something pretty radical with the Claro case for the Fifth-Generation iPods—they combined hard plastic and silicone.

November 2, 2006

Article: You Have a Mac…Now What?

With many college students picking up MacBooks (either regular or Pro) or some other Apple product to do their homework on, play their music, and communicate with the world, many are wondering what other things they can do besides using the obvious built-in tools on their computer.