May 24, 2007

Article: Are the Mac mini’s Days Numbered?

Before everyone starts running around like a chicken iMac with its head cut off, the always-accurate AppleInsider is reporting that the Mac mini could be the next thing to disappear from Apple’s lineup. As Mac mini sympathizers, we feel the need to ask, “Why?”

May 21, 2007

News: Are Two Bits a Big Deal?

The web has been buzzing about the newest lawsuit against Apple—apparently the MacBook and MacBook Pro displays are only capable of displaying 6-bits per pixel, rather than 8-bits on almost every other display out there. What does this mean?

Review: JBL Reference 220 Earphones

Even with Apple’s “updated” earbuds, many users are not satisfied with the original equipment that comes with their iPods. Sometimes they don’t fit well, don’t sound as good as some alternatives, or get damaged or lost. No matter what, many people are looking for replacements…

May 16, 2007

Review: SendStation Dock Extender

One of the downsides of many iPod cases is that they require you to remove them while using various FM transmitters, speaker systems, docks, or other accessories that utilize the Dock Connector port. After having the Dock Connector on the iPod for more than 4 years, SendStation finally came to the rescue with the $29 Dock Extender

News: Site News: A Bit of a Refresh…

Around a year ago, we moved SchwarzTech to a completely new system for publishing and have made a few changes here and there since then. After a few weeks off, we’re back and ready to get back to what we love—trying out products, sharing our thoughts, and hearing what you have to say…