January 28, 2008

Review: Apple Aluminum Keyboard

Apple Aluminum KeyboardA few months back, Apple introduced a new set of iMacs and with them, we got two new keyboards. A tiny, Bluetooth keyboard was available that looked like it was ripped off of a MacBook. Also available was a new wired keyboard, featuring the same flat keys, but a more stationary purpose….

January 15, 2008

Special: MWSF ’08 Live Keynote Coverage

Updates to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV…the new Time Capsule backup device…iTunes Movie Rentals…oh, and Apple introduced a new laptop – the MacBook Air. This could only mean one thing…

January 11, 2008

Review: LapWorks Aluminum Desktop Stand

Aluminum Desktop StandWith Apple’s notebooks becoming their main bread-and-butter product line, more and more people are getting their hands on them. Unfortunately, the new architectures also have led to more power and even more heat than the already hot PowerBook G4s from a few years ago…

January 7, 2008

Special: MWSF ’08 Predictions

With less than a week to go until Macworld San Francisco, I thought I’d continue my annual tradition of sharing my predictions for what will be introduced. After Steve Jobs’s keynote address, we’ll revisit the predictions and color-code them if we were right.