December 16, 2010

News: Mac App Store Opens January 6

Previously, we had reported that many sites have expected the Mac App Store would be appearing on December 13. Since that date has come and gone, many were wondering when we’d actually see it. The mystery has been solved by none other than Apple, in a press release—it’s opening January 6.

December 6, 2010

News: Mac App Store Just Around the Corner?

The App Store for Mac OS X—we knew it would be coming, but weren’t sure how soon. AppleTell is reporting that it may be within the week, and we’ll be able to buy “apps” for our Macs starting next Monday, December 13. This makes sense, as developers have been submitting apps for the last month.

Review: CableJive dockXtender

dockXtenderEvery so often, we review an item that is so mind-numbingly simple, we’re surprised that we haven’t seen something like it earlier. CableJive’s dockXtender is one of those products—a $26 (2 foot) or $32 (6 foot) extension cable that features a Dock Connector cable on both ends, allowing you to use your favorite Apple device with any Dock Connector-capable accessory, regardless of if it is in a case, incompatible with the actual dock cutout, or you need the area around the Dock Connector free on a “attach on”-style device…