March 27, 2012

News: Apple Responds to iPad Battery Concerns

After some concerns over the new iPad’s battery charging for up to an hour after displaying 100%, Apple VP Michael Tchao spoke with Ina Fried of AllThingsD and explained that part of that is the way things are supposed to work…

Link: iPad Better Because of Apps ☍

Although the iPad’s hardware may be pretty darn good, it beats out Android competitors because of the selection of quality apps, as pointed out by PC Magazine‘s Sascha Segan:

I was wrong to say about Android tablets, “competing tablets don’t have apps.” Rather, competing tablets have apps that usually suck. Not all of them suck. CNN’s Android tablet app is gorgeous. But most of them do.

March 26, 2012

Link: No Interest in the New iPad ☍

The Next Web’s Drew Olanoff explains why he’s not in a hurry to get the new iPad:

A lot of my geekier friends were shocked that I didn’t pre-order the new iPad. At first, I was surprised as well. After all, I’m an Apple fan and love everything that they create. When it comes to the iPad though, I can’t think of a single feature or function that the company could add to it that would make me want to buy one.

I can see where he is coming from, since the MacBook Air is probably the closest Mac you can get to iPad-style portability. For me, the iPad has become my everyday computer when I’m not at work—it gives me a focused, stress-free experience without jumping to doing work or worry about a million things going on. Plus, its battery life is way better than my MacBook Pro.

Link: Overcharging the iPad ☍

TUAW’s Chris Rawson looks at some of the claims about the iPad charging past 100%:

Where Dr. Soneira’s analysis and CNBC’s reporting on the issue both go off the rails is when they both say that the iPad is actually overcharging its own battery and thereby causing damage to it. CNBC’s analogy is that a battery is like a glass of fruit juice: it’s meant to be filled to below the “rim,” and if you overfill the glass the juice can spill out. This is an insipid analogy that demonstrates ignorance of how lithium battery technology has worked since… oh, the mid-1990s or so.

March 25, 2012

Special: 2012 Tournament of Apple’s Best Code Names

(Originally posted on 3/25 but updated periodically) As we are in the middle of the NCAA Tournament, brackets are a way of life. Here at SchwarzTech, we decided to have our own 32-seed (64 was just too much) bracket of Apple’s best product code names, much like last year’s worst Apple products tournament. Keep listening to SchwarzTech Radio, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or check back here for our updates and feel free to play along with your own bracket!