May 30, 2012

Article: Areas for Growth

For personnel evaluations in a lot of places, the word “weaknesses” is being replaced with “areas for growth”, something I always felt was a sugar-coated, soft way of trying not to hurt feelings. Although I find what Apple has to offer quite satisfying at the moment, I don’t disagree with Marco Arment’s statement that Apple needs to take a long, hard look at software…

May 29, 2012

News: WWDC Keynote Confirmed

Apple has announced the schedule for WWDC 2012. As in the past, the keynote will take place at 10am Pacific on Monday, June 11. The speaker isn’t listed yet, but our money is on Apple CEO Tim Cook. The company also released the WWDC app, which includes things for attendees, such as maps, the schedule, and news. Finally, later on Monday, Apple will be giving out the Apple Design Awards for App Store and Mac App Store apps.

May 22, 2012

Article: Revisiting Car Audio

At SchwarzTech, we review a number of accessories for iPods and iPhones, and one that we feel is near and dear to our hearts are ways to connect such devices to your car stereo. Just a few years back, most auto manufacturers didn’t include an auxiliary jack, requiring people to look to an FM transmitter or cassette adapter to pump the tunes into their vehicle of choice. We even took a look at ways to connect an iPod to your car…

May 14, 2012

Review: Uniea Rebelution Skidboard

Uniea Rebelution SkidboardThe funny thing about the new iPad is that it is compatible with only certain iPad 2 cases, giving early adopters both a mix of existing options, and the opportunity for third-parties to create all-new cases. Uniea’s Rebelution Skidboard may have a funny name, but it’s one of the earliest folio-meets-hard-shell cases for the Apple’s newest iPad…

May 11, 2012

News: iOS 6 to Drop Google Maps

As Apple moves to distance itself from Google, and actually use its map-related acquisitions, 9to5Mac is reporting that iOS 6 will actually use Apple’s own backend, much like the map function in iPhoto.