June 28, 2012

News: Bob Mansfield to Retire

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield, will be retiring and handing over the keys to Dan Riccio, who is Apple’s VP of iPad Hardware Engineering.

June 22, 2012

Review: Hex Vision

Hex VisionThanks to Apple’s iPod nano recall, I ended up with an iPod nano that I didn’t really need. However, since the introduction of the sixth-generation iPod nano almost two years ago, I always was intrigued with the idea of an iPod as a watch. Numerous manufacturers came up with bands that clip on the iPod, but many were plastic or not exactly my style. August Accessories’ Hex division offers the $50 Vision and similar Vision Classic, two leather watch bands…

Link: iPad Uses $1.36 of Electricity Per Year ☍

Julie Kuehl of The Mac Observer reports on an interesting study:

With the growing popularity of iPads, the Electric Power Research Institute, a non-profit research, development, and demonstration group funded by electric utilities, decided to look at just how much power they were consuming. They assumed iPads would get a full charge every other day, which would be more than is used by many people.

Their analysis showed the iPad consuming 12 kWh annually. And while costs will vary depending on location, they determined that to be worth $1.36 for the year. They also measured the energy consumption of an iPhone 3G, which came to 2.2 kWh per year for a total of $0.25. Compare that to a 60W CFL light bulb at 14 kWh for $1.61, a laptop PC at 72.3 kWh for $8.31, and a 42” television at 358 kWh for approximately $41.

June 21, 2012

Link: About Writing Enough [on an iPad] ☍

Patrick Rhone wrote most of his book, Enough, using an iPad—this is going to be the item I use any time I want to counter someone’s “you can’t create content on an iPad” arguments (via Daring Fireball):

I decided on using the iPad and iPhone exclusively for this book a couple of weeks before I actually started writing the first essays. I had long wanted to experiment with the iPad as a tool for long-form and long-term writing and this provided the right opportunity.

I especially wanted to challenge myself to use only the onscreen keyboard. Could I have worked faster using a physical keyboard? Perhaps. That said, I am likely more comfortable than most using the iPad software keyboard. I theorize that this is because I never learned how to touch type. I’m a fairly fast two-finger typist or, as I frequently say, hunt-and-pecker. This being said, I certainly cannot type as quickly on the onscreen keyboard as I can on a real keyboard. In this instance, I found this to be of benefit as the further effort spurred longer thought and greater attention to detail about what I was trying to say and thus, I hope, a better book.

I thought the keyboard options for the Microsoft Surface were going to finally allow people to create content on a tablet—apparently Rhone was ahead of his time?!

June 19, 2012

Review: Incase Origami Workstation

Incase Origami WorkstationAlthough the on-screen keyboard of the iPad is pretty good—especially in landscape mode, a keyboard adds quite a bit of usefulness for anyone doing lots of writing, coding, or manipulating spreadsheets. Although many manufacturers make keyboards specifically for the iPad, Apple’s is a good option, but a bit cumbersome for travel. To solve this problem, Incase created the $30 Origami Workstation, a case for your keyboard that also doubles as an iPad stand…