December 24, 2013

Article: Top Mac App Picks of 2013

There are a lot of apps available for the Mac, especially with the maturation of the Mac App Store. Although iOS seems to get most of the attention, I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of my favorite apps available for Mac OS X. I can’t say this idea is entirely original, as it is a combination of some very old articles I did for this site and others and Federico Viticci’s list on MacStories

December 18, 2013

News: Mac Pro Available Tomorrow

After about a year of waiting, previewing, speculation, and more waiting, Apple has finally announced that the new Mac Pro will be available starting tomorrow. Developers, creative professionals, scientists, and others who need a really powerful Mac have been anxiously waiting for the replacement to the prior Mac Pro, which was last significantly updated in 2010 (a minor update happened in 2012)…

December 16, 2013

Article: Shaping Buttons

Apple recently seeded iOS 7.1 Beta 2, and one of the big features is the introduction of Button Shapes. Turning this option on the Accessibility portion of the Settings app provides a faint grey background behind “clickable” items in iOS 7. This addition should be helpful to some since it does add a bit of contrast, but it also is concerning that Apple is using the Accessibility area for all sorts of user interface tweaks that are off by default…