March 31, 2015

Review: Incase Hardshell

Incase HardshellOne popular accessory for Apple’s portables are hard shell cases. We looked at the Uncommon Deflector awhile back, and this time got a hold of the $50 Incase Hardshell for the 11” MacBook Air. Incase’s take is slightly different from the Deflector and other competitors, and has been the result of a slow evolution, going back to the days of plastic MacBooks, so we were curious to see how the most recent iteration fared…

March 17, 2015

Article: My 2015 Setup

Recently, I threw my setup into disarray by replacing one Mac with two, and that led me to think about how my setup has changed as a whole since April 2014 As I did last time, I used the format used on The Setup

March 14, 2015

Article: Force Touch

While visiting the Apple Store yesterday to see if they carried a Thunderbolt-to-USB 3.0 adapter (sadly, they don’t), I decided to check out the 13” MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I’m not looking to get a new computer any time soon (more on that later), but I was curious about Apple’s new trackpad technology. After Monday’s keynote, many were concerned that the new trackpad would be weird since it didn’t click

March 9, 2015

Special: On Apple’s Spring Forward Event

It’s really starting to feel like 2008 once again. Not only could one argue that in the previous year, some priorities have been shifted away from Mac software development in favor of the new hot portable device, but there is a new aluminum-clad MacBook that is dropping ports. Additionally, we got to see further clues where Apple is going next and it’s an excellent mix of excitement, opinionated development, and the feeling that everything is even more cohesive across the product lineup…

March 3, 2015

Review: iMagnet

iMagnetAlthough we’ve covered quite a few in-car solutions for iOS devices, there is often the question of where to keep your device when driving. Some cars inconveniently route a cable through the glove compartment, while others have a place in the center console. If there isn’t a predetermined location, most people will mount their phones on their dashboard or windshield, much like GPS units of the past. Most of those mounts simply hold the phone with some sort of clamp system, but the $23 iMagnet mount takes a different approach…