September 23, 2015

Link: Enterprise OS of the Millennial Generation ☍

Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies Inc. for Re/code:

This younger generation does use PCs. However, they actually spend the most time on their iPhones and iPads, and Macs are mostly relegated to serious productivity projects. More importantly, they know iOS inside and out, as they spend much more of their day in this operating system then they do on any computer they have. I believe Apple understands this better than anyone and their most recent iPad Pro is a nod to this trend. More importantly, I see Apple using this to drive millennials toward making iOS their OS of choice as they move into their careers and new jobs. In fact, within five to seven years, I suspect that Windows will not even be of interest to this younger set, as iOS will be the device operating system that dominates their work and personal lifestyles.

I think this is an interesting take, especially since so many think Chromebooks are the answer in the K-12 education space. With iOS becoming more powerful and Microsoft’s mishandling of Windows 8 (and Windows Mobile/Phone), it does seem plausible, especially since, anecdotally, I know plenty of people who have made the iPad their primary “home” computer, paired with some company-issued PC laptop they were given from work.

September 17, 2015

Link: iOS 9: The MacStories Review, Created on iPad ☍

Federico Viticci wrote a lengthy review of iOS 9 in the most appropriate way possible, on an iPad. It’s explains everything you need to know in an entertaining, in-depth article. As someone that has mostly been using iOS 9 on an iPhone, it’s refreshing to hear things from an iPad-using perspective:

This year, the iPad is getting the first version of iOS truly made for it. After too many unimaginative releases, Apple has understood the capabilities of the iPad’s display and its nature of modern portable computer. Free of dogmas and preconceptions of what an iPad ought to be, iOS 9 fundamentally reinvents what an iPad can become going forward.

September 15, 2015

Special: On Apple’s iPad Pro, Apple TV, & iPhone 6S Special Event

Although Apple’s event took place almost a week ago and much of the Internet has spilled plenty of digital ink over the iPad Pro, new Apple TV, and iPhone 6S, I wanted to take my time and mull over the the big and small points of the event. I think some of these will be more apparent once devices start shipping, but the overall trend seemed to be incremental updates to keep Apple competitive…