April 27, 2015

News: Apple Reports Q2 Results

Apple announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 first quarter ending March 28, 2015. In the conference call, Apple posted quarterly revenue of $58 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.6 billion, or $2.33 per diluted share…

April 24, 2015

Review: Moshi PalmGuard (2015 Version)

Moshi PalmGuardWe took a look at the Moshi PalmGuard back in 2013, and were quite impressed, although the actual version we tested was for the 13” MacBook Pro (without Retina Display). Currently, the company offers models for almost every portable Mac being sold and there are a few notable design changes. Did this peel-and-stick palm rest protector get better in its latest version?

April 22, 2015

Article: Controlling the Watch Narrative

Over the weekend, I finally got around to heading to my local Apple Store for an Apple Watch try-on appointment. Being on the fence if I’m even going to get an Apple Watch, I was more curious about seeing the product in person, checking out the software, and seeing how the appointment process takes place…

April 21, 2015

Link: Older iOS Devices and Second-Generation Apple TV Can’t Use YouTube Apps ☍

Ibrahim Ulukaya from YouTube:

If you’re still using the Data API v2, today we’ll start showing a video at the top of your users’ video feeds that will notify them of how they might be affected. Apart from that, your apps will work as usual.

In early May, Data API v2 video calls will start returning only the warning video introduced on April 20. Users will not be able to view other videos on apps that use the v2 API video calls. See for affected devices.

By late May, v2 API calls except for comments and captions will receive 410 Gone HTTP responses. You can test your application’s reaction to this response by pointing the application at instead of While you should migrate your app as soon as possible, these features will work in the Data API v2 until the end of July 2015 to avoid any outages.

Basically, if you aren’t running iOS 7, the Apple-produced YouTube app will eventually not work. On the second-generation Apple TV, you’ll have to AirPlay YouTube content from some other device. Although it completely makes sense to depreciate old tools, I suspect most of this is centered around showing ads at the beginning of clips.

April 20, 2015

Link: Wink Bricks Some Hubs ☍

Wink sent out an email to some affected customers:

To cut to the chase: We need your Wink Hub back. We’ll update it and get it back to you within a few days. We’ve done all we can to make the process as simple as possible — Just click here.

We’re terribly embarrassed by this whole situation. This outage was completely preventable and caused by a security measure that was put in place to protect you and your family. Unfortunately we failed to make an update to a security measure that was expiring, and therefore locked down your Hub’s access to the server.

It’s unfortunate that this happened, especially since the Wink platform has been slowly, but surely getting more bug-free, but it’s nice that the company owned up to the issue right away and offered $50 towards more products for anyone affected. I still wish there was a local mode that allows your phone to directly control your devices, but for now, the fix worked.

April 16, 2015

Link: The First Apple Homepage ☍

Kevin Fox found something interesting in his archives:

I’m a digital pack-rat, and I’ve been on the Internet a long time. I remember a very different, more playful homepage. I remembered a page that was more Fractal Design Painter and less grids and columns. I remember taking a screenshot of that page because I liked the look of it. But where would it be today?

Link: End of an Era ☍

Casey Liss adds his two cents on John Siracusa’s “retirement” from OS X reviews:

I mourn, in a way, for the loss of this incredible resource. While I know that John will be talking to Marco and me about the new OS X at length on our podcast, I will still deeply miss his reviews. The time and care that John put into his reviews is beyond measure. Marco and I know, perhaps better than most, how carefully considered every word in his reviews are. How much joy he gets from sprinkling in pop culture references, and how much pain he goes through taking the same batch of screenshots with each new beta.

Selfishly, and for the community, I’m really sad to know that we’ve reached the end. I am also deeply grateful for all the time and effort John has put in. These reviews are a tremendous resource, and are truly a gift to the community.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Link: OS X Reviewed ☍

John Siracusa:

Nearly 15 years ago, I wrote my first review of Mac OS X for a nascent “PC enthusiast’s” website called Ars Technica. Nearly 15 years later, I wrote my last. Though Apple will presumably announce the next major version of OS X at WWDC this coming June, I won’t be reviewing it for Ars Technica or any other publication, including the website you’re reading now.

I always enjoyed John’s reviews, even if they were a bit more detailed than most people would need. It’ll be a bit weird with the inevitable next version of OS X and not going through the new features with a lengthy review handy. With Apple moving to yearly release cycles a few years ago, writing a large review for each release is just untenable. Thanks, John, and enjoy having a bit more free time this summer!