January 20, 2018

Article: Thoughts on BMW’s Decision to Charge Subscription for CarPlay

Earlier this week, BMW announced that CarPlay would be treated as a yearly subscription option on 2019 and newer vehicles. Previously, it was always a $300 option on cars, in contrast with many manufacturers who include it with all models or at least a certain trim level or higher. I think this move is consumer-hostile, hope it doesn’t become a trend across the industry, and have moved BMW to my “never” list for future vehicles…

January 6, 2018

Article: Stepping Back From Social Networks

As we start 2018 and the meta-topics of social networks are being discussed on social networks, I started thinking about my use and what value these are bringing to my life. I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to share my strategy with some thoughts on what led me to those decisions. These conclusions may not work for you, but maybe they’ll serve as some inspiration…

December 14, 2017

Article: The Future We Might Deserve?

Some time today, the FCC is expected to vote to repeal most of the 2015 net neutrality regulations. These rules prevented broadband providers from blocking or slowing down web sites or apps. This apps prevented companies from making deals to give certain kinds of traffic priority over others. The only thing that will remain is that providers must disclose what they do with web traffic…

November 21, 2017

Article: Back to the iPad (Again)

Well, that didn’t last long. Since I wrote about using an iPhone as my primary device back in September, I have found the iPhone 8 Plus to feel “normal” in comparison to the iPhone 8 or SE, and really like the additional features. However, I have also found out how I much I missed having an iPad for around my apartment, writing, and just in instances where the iPhone screen is a bit too small…

November 19, 2017

Link: The Increasingly Rare iPad Deal Killers ☍

David Sparks:

Jason Snell wrote an excellent piece today about how he uses his iPad for a lot of his work. The post references a recent quote from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella that implies the iPad is not a real computer and a recent iPad ad that makes its point nicely.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing and podcasting about the iPad as a potential laptop replacement. In the early days, I went iPad only while writing the book, iPad at Work. Back then it was rough. The hardware, operating system, and software were all in need of improvement. Things did, however, get better. iPad hardware these days benchmarks alongside currently shipping Macs very respectively.

This is a pretty fascinating analysis, especially when you consider that the little things where an iPad does fall flat are often nitpick niche cases. In my experience, PC users are quick to point out Microsoft Office, but for the day-to-day stuff I do, Word and Excel on the iPad are sufficient (Pages and Numbers probably would, if I wasn’t going to mess with importing and exporting files I’d share). Other than that, there’s a few Flash-based sites and some other fussy legacy things that I would love to see go away anyway.