August 12, 2017

Article: On Burnout

Much of the time, I try to keep the content on this site separate from my day-job. There’s no real intentional reason other than the overlap is rather small between Apple-centric news, my tech opinion articles, or linked posts, and what I do that brings in a paycheck, network administration. Besides that, even across numerous jobs, and college before that, running this site has always been something that I enjoy, rather than just more work

August 3, 2017

Article: An Iconic Look

As September has usually come to mean new iPhones, the rumors of the next iPhone have been taking over just about any way I consume technology news. This includes alleged parts leaks, mockups, and even some software clues. Obviously, it’s a bit exciting and it all should be taken with a grain of salt…

July 31, 2017

Article: An Apple Pay-cation

A few days ago, I got back from a road trip to New England—that covered the last of the “lower 48” states that I haven’t visited. I went with a friend to make the trip even cheaper. Although we rotated off on some expenses, or settled up using Square Cash, we kept noting how we were able to use Apple Pay in a lot of places without actively seeking it out…

June 28, 2017

Article: The Threat of Replacing Laptops

Although the iPad turned seven earlier this year, it still feels far from a mature platform. For me, that’s fine, as it has made leaps and bounds, and the Mac in 1991 or Windows in 1992 (or 1993?) also had a ways to go to be considered “perfect.” Progress is important and as new use cases develop, it’s fun to see a platform grow and change. I’ll be the first to say that Apple was asleep at the wheel with iPad software development at times, and with iOS 11, that looks like it’s going to change. However, there’s a notion being kicked around if it matters that an iPad can replace some other computing device…

June 10, 2017

Special: WWDC 2017: Turning It Up to 11

After a lackluster 2016, it was nice to see Apple have a keynote where they could have gone for double the time without having to throw in an awkward music skit or more game demos. While I’ve been tempted to grab all of the betas and load them on my devices, I’m waiting until at least the first public beta, and even that’s going on an iPod touch. Nonetheless, I’m excited for this fall. Let’s recap, with some good commentary, of course…