iMUG is internet based, so a lot of the normal things people associate with a user group are impossible to implement over the internet, such as guest speakers, product demos, and other miscellany. We have tried my best to make iMUG as great a MUG experience as possible without the bricks and mortar. We have an email list, which can be configured to your daily schedule, and sometimes pass along deals from various vendors.

iMUG was created in 1999 for Mac users who didn’t want to spend the large amounts of money on yearly MUG dues, were not able to attend meetings, or just wanted another MUG to supplement their current MUG. “Meetings” were initially in the form of a email discussion list / online forum. Over time, iMUG has gone through many changes, including a few different web sites, some policy changes, and finally official Apple-recognized MUG status.

The software/hardware we support is always changing, but we welcome Mac and iOS users. The iMUG-Talk list is designed as a place for users to share photos of their setups, ask questions to other members, and access member-only information.

Currently iMUG meets via the iMUG-Talk discussion list, a Yahoo Group.


Why should you join iMUG?

  • Well, for one thing, you have nothing to lose! It’s free.
  • Secondly, you’ll not only have a place where you can get help, but you will also have a place where you can help other Mac and iOS users. Anything Apple-related is covered.

To join iMUG, simply join iMUG-Talk.