Special: MWSF ’07 Live Keynote Coverage

by on January 9, 2007

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The First 30 Years

Time Entry

11:15 AM PST

We’ll be back later to make sense of all of this…

11:09 AM PST

John Mayer is on stage playing things…and that looks like that’s about it.

11:01 AM PST

It looks like things are wrapping up

11:00 AM PST

Apple Computer, Inc. will just be Apple, Inc.

10:57 AM PST

The clicker isn’t working…oops

10:50 AM PST

Stan Sigman, Cingular CEO talking, shows Cingular commercial, available at Apple & Cingular stores,

10:46 AM PST

$499 for 4GB version, $599 for 8GB version, Cingular is exclusive partner in the US, available in June.

10:44 AM PST

Accessories: Bluetooth headset – tiny, 5 hours of battery, 16 for audio-only,

10:42 AM PST

How does this stack up? – compares to other phones and there’s laughter

10:38 AM PST

Jobs is demoing how all the features work seamlessly together

10:35 AM PST

Yahoo is included, too.

10:33 AM PST

Google CEO Eric Schmidt talking about collaboration

10:27 AM PST

Phone and internet features go side-by-side

10:25 AM PST

Our FTP client was acting up and didn’t uplopad, but we’re okay now.

10:20 AM PST

Push IMAP (like Blackberry), looks like Apple Mail, free Yahoo IMAP mail for iPhone users,

10:17 AM PST

Safari-based browser, Google Maps, Widgets, switches automatically between EDGE and WiFi

10:16 AM PST

Email: IMAP or POP, rich HTML

10:13 AM PST

SMS features being demoed now, bubbles with keypad, iChat sounds, on-screen error-correcting keyboard, lots of slick effects, photo playback matches orientation of device…some guy in the audience goes “Awesome!”…Steve Jobs: “Isn’t this awesome?”

10:11 AM PST

Visual Voicemail: see all voicemail and click who you want to hear instead of listening to every message to get to the last one

10:09 AM PST

In-call controls are very simple, large, and you can just touch to add callers

9:57 AM PST

Very fast, playing video, movies, icons across the front, Cingular at the top of the display (yuck!), looks like a mix of Dashboard and Front Row, visual voicemail, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi,

9:52 AM PST

Runs a version of OS X, has everything you need, syncs with iTunes, calendars, etc., 3.5 inch screen, 160 ppi resolution, “home button”, 11/16″ thick, 2MP camera on the back, headset jack is 3.5mm, SIM card slot, iPod connector, 3 sensors (proximity, accelerometer, orientation)

9:48 AM PST

Nobody wants a stylus, use fingers, get rid of buttons

9:46 AM PST

CNBC still thinks it’s three separate devices!

9:44 AM PST

Smartphones: Not so smart or easy to use – we wanted to make a product that is smarter than what’s been around before and here it is, revolutionary interface

9:42 AM PST

Actually 1 device – “We are calling it the iPhone”, 3G iPod with rotary dial

9:41 AM PST

Now on to something else…Apple has 3 revolutionary products: widescreen iPod, phone, internet communicator

9:40 AM PST

$299 – shipping in February – “we think this is pretty cool”

9:36 AM PST

Jobs is now demoing how to use it with another computer – let’s see what Phil Schiller has on his laptop

9:30 AM PST

Currently Jobs is demoing the various TV shows, movies, movie trailers, music, and other playback features…it even flips images when music is playing…”it does that so it doesn’t burn a hole in your plasma TV”

9:28 AM PST

USB 2.0, ethernet, WiFi (b, g, n), HDMI, component, RCA, 720p video, 40GB HD, Intel chip, stream content with up to 5 computers

9:26 AM PST

iTV: Apple TV, buy content on iTunes, transmit to TV wirelessly, looks the same as last demo

9:24 AM PST

New iPod Ads: slightly different – bright colors, and bright people instead of silhouettes

9:23 AM PST

Zune: 2% market share, iPod: 62%, rest: 36%, Zune logo shown on fire

9:20 AM PST

iTunes: Over 2 billion songs sold, 58 songs sold EVERY SECOND, 4th largest music retailer (more than Amazon, eventually to overtake Target), 350 TV shows available, Paramount to be the new partner – now over 250 movies

9:20 AM PST

iPod: first ecosystem (regular, nano, shuffle), most popular VIDEO player

9:19 AM PST

We’re only talking about the Mac today

9:18 AM PST

Jobs shows an ad for Vista, features John Hodgeman (I’m a PC) – in a hospital robe – I’m getting an upgrade today – if I die, i want you to have my peripherals

9:17 AM PST

Retail: Over half of the sales of Macs were to people who never owned a Mac before

9:16 AM PST

The Intel transition was smooth and successful.

9:15 AM PST

Steve Jobs takes the stage…”We’re going to make some history together today…A year ago we switched to Intel”

9:10 AM PST

Various songs have been playing that have been featured on Apple ads and other Apple-related things…Sheryl Crow’s music is playing now though…now it’s James Brown…

9:10 AM PST

Please turn off all cell phones…haha

9:07 AM PST

Looks like we’re getting started…

9:05 AM PST

We might just add that there are numerous VIPs, such as Intel’s Paul Otellini and the CEO of Quanta, not to mention Steve Jobs’ family (according to our colleagues over at Engadget).

9:00 AM PST

Just a few minutes to go – the Keynote will begin once everyone is seated.

8:55 AM PST

Just a sidenote, we’ll have a complete wrapup once the Keynote is over and share our thoughts on whatever is released.

8:53 AM PST

Only about 5 minutes until the Keynote is cheduled to start.� Many people are still taking their seats.
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