June 14, 2016

Link: The End Of Apple Man ☍

Katie Notopoulos for BuzzFeed News:

The prototypical Apple demo person is someone I’ll call Apple Man. Apple Man is a fortysomething dad who just wants to FaceTime his adorable children while he’s on a business trip, and also find a local pourover coffee shop while he’s in town. Apple Man has an Apple Watch (obvious). He needs a way to manage his photos of his adorable children and hiking trips with friends. He loves jogging and mountain biking and wants to use his Apple Watch to monitor his workouts, because he LOVES working out. Apple Man is very fit for his age — you can just barely tell he’s totally ripped through his light blue, off-the-rack, wrinkle-free, button-down shirt. Apple Man has a great head of hair. Apple Man owns his home and wants to be able to open his garage door from his phone to park his family-sensible-yet-sporty-crossover. (He’s on the Tesla Model 3 preorder list.) He wants to make brunch plans, and it would be great if he could add a brunch plan to his calendar app directly from text messages. Apple Man wants to track his health, but of course he has no need for a period tracker. His calendar is full; his inbox is zero.

Special: Thoughts on WWDC 2016 Keynote

Over the years, the tone of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference keynote has changed from being entirely developer-focused to being something that is a mix of setting the tone for the rest of the conference for developers, getting the general public excited about new technologies that will be available in the fall, and offering a bit of a mid-year peek in at Apple's core values. This year was no exception, as Apple had to kick the App Store changesto a few press conversations last week, and instead showed off refreshed versions of watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and iOS…

June 8, 2016

Link: Cartography Comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps ☍

Justin O’Berne goes in depth on the differences between the two mapping products:

It’s interesting: I can easily find hundreds of articles that’ll tell me the differences between an Apple iPad and a Microsoft Surface, or even the differences between iOS and Android. But I can’t find anything comparing Google Maps and Apple Maps, despite how important they’ve become.

Although there isn’t a conclusion as to which is better, it does provide a fascinating look at what items are labeled at what zoom level and the differing philosophies behind each.

June 6, 2016

Link: iPads for India ☍

Fraser Speirs is doing some great work with old iPads:

I’m starting a new short-term project to raise money to send iPads to the Barefoot College in India.

My friend Srini Swaminathan recently asked me if we had any iPads that we could donate to the project he’s working with in India. We didn’t actually have any right then but we are coming up to the end of our lease at school and I thought there might be an opportunity.

Our lease requires that we either send the iPads back to the leasing company or buy the lease out. To buy out, we would need to pay back the fair market value of the iPads, which is currently about £100 per unit and we have 110.

I spoke to our leasing company and they generously offered a cut in the buyout price to support my plan and my intention is to try and crowd-fund the rest of the money from people who read this blog, listen to my podcasts and follow me on Twitter.

June 3, 2016

Link: The Shiny New Apple on North Michigan Avenue ☍


How well do you remember 2003? It was the year that 13 people were killed and 57 hurt when a porch collapsed in Lincoln Park. R.E.M. played the United Center. And in one of the most Mayor Daley events in Mayor Daley history, Mayor Daley ordered a team of bulldozers to destroy Meigs Field airport in the middle of the night.

It was also the year that Apple (then called Apple Computer) opened its Chicago flagship store at 679 North Michigan Avenue. It is store number 59, and the only Apple Store with an Apple logo-shaped window. […]

Soon the Apple Store that was the height of Steve Jobs’ retail aesthetic will be no more. The post-Jobs Apple is busy right now building a magnificent new semi-underground shopping experience a few blocks south. And right now the best guess is that the old Apple Store, and everything else on the western half of the block, will be bulldozed to make way for something grander. Better. Taller.

Growing up just outside of Chicago, this was the Apple Store in the area and I had the opportunity to visit a few times, but the most memorable visit was about a week after the original iPhone launch. It’ll be sad to see this store go, but if the replacement is anything like the other new locations, it’ll be an excellent upgrade.