May 22, 2015

Article: Initial Apple Watch Thoughts

Unfortunately, the big media conglomerate known as SchwarzTech is still not exclusive enough to get early access to Apple’s products, so I spent much of the last couple of weeks reading through all of the various reviews of the Apple Watch, especially as mine was still in transit. About a week and a half ago, mine finally arrived, so I’ve been getting used to a very different operating system from Apple…

May 19, 2015

News: Apple Releases Watch OS 1.0.1

Available through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, this first update offers a few updates for those who actually managed to get one on their wrists. Apple lists the changes as the cryptic, but standing performance improvements and bug fixes. Furthermore, to install the update, you must have the Watch in range of the host iPhone, be on its charger, and charged to at least 50%…

Link: Hanging Up My Virtual Pen ☍

Ted Landau:

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I began to feel that these were all signs of a “torch-passing” moment. There is a generation of tech writers (of which I am a member) whose careers date back to the 80’s. We still vividly recall “highlight reel” moments from prior decades — like Steve Jobs unveiling the original Mac or the Boston Macworld Expo keynote that kicked off Steve’s triumphant return to Apple. For much of a younger generation, these events are tantamount to ancient history.

Tinkering with old (at the time) Macs in my younger years led me to many Macworld articles and books from Landau. Although his name isn’t as well known to those who came to Apple after the iPod, it will be sad to see his name disappear from a regular byline.

Link: The Accessibility of Apple Watch Bands ☍

Steven Aquino for MacStories:

What applies to iPhones and iPads also applies to Apple Watch. In the context of the Watch, the hardware that is most crucial, accessibility-wise, are the bands. To folks like me who suffer from motor delays, the ability to successfully get the Apple Watch on and off is as key to a positive user experience as the quality of the software it runs.

This is a fascinating read, especially as I often thought of accessibility in the context of software.

May 11, 2015

Link: Pedometer++ Hits 1 Million Downloads ☍

_David Smith:

Pedometer++ has become one of the most important apps in my portfolio and probably the app I’m now most widely known for.

It also carries with it an attribute that I’ve never experienced with any of my other projects—a sense of doing genuine good. I have had countless reports of how it has help people get healthier, recover from injury or lose weight. These are the stories that really impact me as a developer. The thought that something I made in my basement can have extended and improved people’s lives is truly remarkable.

I love Pedometer++ and have suggested it to a number of friends and family members. Although it doesn’t have a place on my home screen these days, it is on the first screen of widgets in Notification Center for quick access. If you don’t have it, download it. If you have downloaded and enjoy it, use the purchase function to send some cash David’s way.

May 9, 2015

“How can our all-male tech podcast get more female listeners?”

May 6, 2015

Link: Accessibility and the Apple Watch ☍

Molly Watt shares her experiences with the Apple Watch, with a very different perspective than most technology reviewers:

However, I was curious as Apple products have been more than just up market gadgets to me, they really have been my access to the many things most take for granted but that those of us with deafblindness, particularly struggle with.

Link: Craig Hockenberry on discoveryd ☍

Craig Hockenberry:

So, Mom, it’s time to stop reading. I’m pissed off and you know how I get when that happens.

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, look at this shit. A network process using 100% of the CPU, WiFi disconnecting at random times, and names, names (1), names (2), names (4). All caused by a crappy piece of software called discoveryd.

Apple really needs to sort this out instead of new music streaming services or “professional” iPads or whatever other rumor du jour is going on. I’ve also seen some of these issues firsthand and it’s really getting hard to make excuses for this buggy garbage.