SchwarzTech is an Apple-focused technology site, mostly written and produced by Eric Schwarz, although some other fine folks have contributed.

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SchwarzTech began operations in 1999 as Eric’s own resource for older Macs and Web design (not necessarily combining the two, but they shared the space). It also served as a companion to his writings on other Mac sites, such as a stint at Low End Mac. In early 2002, SchwarzTech merged with a few other smaller Mac ventures, creating MacWeekly. SchwarzTech became a page on the site, and MacWeekly gained a small following, featured many product reviews and articles. Some of these are still in our archives today. In late 2003, those involved amicably split, and most content was reorganized and rebranded as SchwarzTech. Because of this, the site moved to the current domain. During that time, there have been numerous reviews, opinion articles, news stories, live coverage of Apple events, and much more. Since 1999, the technology industry and Apple have changed a lot, but there’s always something new to write about.


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