Review Policy

Due to changes in how the FTC regulates online product reviews, we are disclosing our relationship with vendors who provide us with products that we review. Although we do not consider SchwarzTech to be a “blog”, we want to make sure that our bases are covered, in case the FTC considers us one. This page is intended to cover all of our reviews, past, present, and future in one location.

Product reviews are intended to be helpful in purchasing a product, but are by no means the only thing you should base your decision on. We try to update reviews when information changes, but sometimes we just cannot.

Additionally, many products that we review are sent as samples to try and then our testers continue using them so that long-term updates to the review can be made. We do not write our reviews in exchange for a product or payment. In some instances, companies who provide products ask for the products to be returned. Companies whose products are reviewed on the web site do not pay for the reviews nor do they advertise on the site (unless explicitly stated or served by Google AdSense). We have not sold any samples after the fact.

As long as SchwarzTech has been around, we have never taken compensation for reviews or let it sway our opinion. Arguably, it is hard to be objective when it comes to things like pricing or a specific numerical rating (since one person may think of one price as inexpensive, while another just does not have that money in their budget). As such, we encourage you to read the content of the review and try to gauge your opinion based on our experiences.

Our publisher does the majority of reviews, but our writing staff also help out. They are not compensated for reviews, either.

We want you to trust our opinions when you’re looking for Apple-related products. Obviously, not all advice will apply to everyone, but we hope that we are helpful. If you have any more questions on how we conduct reviews or our relationship with vendors, please feel free to contact us.