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We like making money as much as the next person, namely to pay the bills on this site, but we also hate generic ads. If you’d like to sponsor our site, the RSS feed, shows on SchwarzTech Radio, or anything else you can think of, get in touch with us and we’ll talk.

Our goal is to provide inexpensive advertising for anyone who wants to support us, as we believe that sites that limit their advertising partners to just “big companies” isn’t beneficial to readers (why advertise something people already know about?)


SchwarzTech has been mentioned or quoted by the following publications, to name a few:

  • MacAddict
  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  • O’Grady’s PowerPage
  • AppleLinks
  • Low End Mac
  • MacDailyNews
  • 123Macmini
  • MacCompanion
  • Envy News