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Special: 2011 Tournament of the Worst Apple Products

by on April 6, 2011

2011 Tournament of the Worst Apple Products

As we are approaching the NCAA Tournament, brackets are a way of life. Here at SchwarzTech, we decided to have our own 32-seed (64 was just too much) bracket of Apple’s worst products. Some are completely terrible, while others were just the wrong product at the wrong time or had some other minor flaw. Keep listening to SchwarzTech Radio, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or check back here for our updates and feel free to play along with your own bracket!

Click image for full-sized bracket…


Michael “I’ll Fire People Until It’s Fun Again” Scott Region

John “Sugar Water” Sculley Region

Michael “Smelly Diesel” Spindler Region

Gil “Sinking Ship” Amelio Region

We introduced the tournament and began seeding in “Big Board Equals Big Luck” and will continue in future episodes…

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