Article: Daylight Savings Time

by on March 30, 2006

Sometimes articles on this site are borderline “bloggy”. This is one of them. Come April 1st, Indiana will finally be acting like most of the other states. Previously, only the counties near Chicago, Cincinnati, and Evansville changed their clocks in the Spring and Fall.

We’d just like to take this moment to remind you that if you live in the other counties, you’ll have to switch your clocks…or not.

We have been told that Apple, as of Mac OS X 10.4.5, has changed the settings so that your computer automatically adjusts if your city is “Indianapolis”. People with computers running anything older should just pick will just have to pick another city, such as Columbus, Philadelphia, or New York.

If you have an iPod, it will adjust next time you synchronize with your computer. As for cell phones, PDAs, and other things…you’re on your own.

I realize this may be categorized as “duh”, but more important things have been overlooked (plus I’ve seen too many places publishing directions on how to adjust the time on OS X (even Tiger), when you just don’t need to.

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