Article: The iPhone in Business?

by on August 26, 2010

Allow me to preface this with two qualifiers:

1) I am not a fanboy. I don’t have to buy everything with an Apple logo. In fact, some things Apple makes are nonsensical [see Apple Magic Trackpad]. I leave my Apple stickers from products in the box, you won’t find them on my Honda Fit, “fixie,” or guitar case (by the way, I own none).

2) I didn’t own a cell phone until my senior year of college (not too long ago). And I’ve never paid money for a cell phone save my last iPhone.

With that in mind, my iPhone rocks! You can laugh at announcement videos or commercials all you wish, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think, “my iPhone is just awesome!” I’m willing to bet that if you used it for a day, you would agree.

Unfortunately, I work in a career saturated with BlackBerrys (BlackBerries?). And, beyond my comprehension, I’m excluded. Events, lunches, dinners, meetings, etc. are sometimes lost on me only because my phone does not receive BlackBerry Messenger (BlackBerry’s exclusive messaging system). Rather than sulking off into the shadows, I demand answers. I have asked my colleagues why they are so loyal to their devices. The overwhelming answer is that “BlackBerrys are great for the work environment.”

In past years, this has been understandable. BlackBerrys were created for the business setting. The iPhone (or almost all other phone for that matter) was created for personal use. In the last few years this has certainly changed. And, I think that’s the heart of the problem. Blackberry users do not like change. Users are addicted to click sound of keys and fear giving them up (hence the endearing term – “Crackberry”).

So, here it is, one final plea to all of you BlackBerry users.

Reason why you should have an iPhone 4:

My email, calendar, and contact setup, management and support is way better. I enter 4 fields of information on 1 screen and I get, not only push and synced email and calendar events, but I can send email or calendar invites to anyone on our server (colleague, employee, customer, etc.) whether I’ve met them or not, searchable by first or last name or email address from anywhere on the planet! And, I don’t need to plug my phone into anything.

I don’t want to sound like a “there’s an app for that” commercial, but seriously, anything I want to do at work, there’s an app for that. In fact, not only can I access all of my files on my computer using Dropbox, but also I can control my entire computer using a VPN app! I can make presentations on my phone, give presentations on my phone (using the iPad VGA cable), and access and edit Excel or Word documents through apps. In fact, I can do more work walking around my workplace on my iPhone than most can do at their desk on their computer. Furthermore, Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, and any other favorite “work time” distractions are all way more graphically gorgeous and functional on the iPhone than pixely BlackBerry apps. I won’t bring up games.

I understand the allure of BBM. The idea is you can chat with any other BlackBerry user. Sure. But, while you may be able to text chat with any BlackBerry user, I can face chat with any iPhone or iPod Touch users (and likely windows, mac, and new iPad users). And, with one of any number of apps, I can chat with any of my AIM, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, and Skype contacts. Oh, and I have auto-correct typing and spell check. And, OS 4.2 will bring printing.

And, with the iPhone you get a screen that displays text like print, over 200,000 applications, Wi-Fi internet access, a full web browser, a gorgeous OS, and GPS.

If you’re still making excuses why you like your BlackBerry is more choice, my guess is that you just don’t like change. If that’s the case, I understand. Heck, I hate change! But, don’t look at me like I’m the fool because you have a phone from 1984.

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