Article: Looking Back…What Have We Done?!

by on September 18, 2006

Seven years. I can’t believe that SchwarzTech has been around that long. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting a few big moments in our own history. Why bother celebrating now? I mean, why didn’t we make a big deal at five or wait until ten? Seven years is a relatively long time for a site to be around and we thought it would be important to shamelessly make a big deal about that.

SchwarzTech at 7Without copying or rehashing too much from our own about page, we’ve done quite a bit with the site since the first version that popped up on the web. iPods didn’t exist. Most people were using Mac OS 9. Most new Macs were made of brightly-colored plastic. I was spending most of my time working with older Macs because I picked them up used and found that they were more than adequate. I did all the writing on other sites and kept SchwarzTech as my own personal place to dump ideas, graphics, and things that weren’t ready for anywhere else.

A few years later I was writing for MacWeekly, which then got dissolved, and SchwarzTech became a “destination” of sorts with reviews, news, and articles. Of course, it took a few months to gain readers and get cool products to review, but we’ve grown into a pretty good-sized site covering all sorts of Apple-related things.

What was the best part of this so far? Kickin’ butt. It’s always good to look at something and say “Wow, this is mine, but I get to share it.” We love covering all the various Apple events and are starting to get everything right with the site’s new format.

Anyway, our “retro” item this time is an editorial by Chris Lawson, entitled Brother, Can You Spare $200? from 2002. Although the machines in question are much different, some of the content is still relevant, and a good look at how the Mac world was 4 years ago (this was written about a month after I had purchased my iBook—the first Mac I had that ran Mac OS X). Enjoy.

Stay tuned for more of our little look back at where we’ve been (in those days before Safari, iChat, and iCal graced our Docks).

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