Article: Mac “nano” a Possibility?

by on October 5, 2007

We’ve been away for a few weeks, but it seems the rumor sites haven’t. Okay, that’s a bit cheesy, but the point is that there are rumors that Apple will be ditching the Mac mini for a thinner, more marketable model.

“Mac OS Rumors reports that they’ve heard that as of October’s end, the mini is dead– long live something new called the Mac Nano. Supposedly, the new low-end Mac will be even smaller than a mini (just tall enough to fit a hard drive in), and the enclosure will have a completely new design.”

What does this mean? Everyone who makes Mac mini accessories might have to rework their designs, but I see some other changes. I think the Mac mini’s replacement could be flash-based. Get rid of the hard drive, get rid of the fan, cut the size down—you have an almost pocketable desktop computer. Mix that with Apple’s new keyboards and you have a beautiful second computer.

I doubt we’d see different colors, except for maybe black/silver, and specs wouldn’t be too much more than the current minis, but it would have that “wow, that‘s the computer?” the Mac mini had when it was released.

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