Special: Macworld 2009 Live Keynote Coverage

by on January 6, 2009

Macworld 09

10:34 AM PST Looks like the end of the presentation – thanks for joining us! We’ll be back later today for more.
10:31 AM PST Musical guest – Grammy winner (15), 2 Emmys – Tony Bennett
10:25 AM PST iTunes: iTunes Music Store – 6 years ago, 6 billion sold, 10 million songs available, 75 million accounts w/credit cards. Variable pricing in April: 69¢, 99¢, $1.29 (like shopping at Taco Bell) – more music will be at the 69¢ end of the spectrum. Today, 8 million songs DRM-free. End of the quarter – all songs DRM free. You can also buy songs over 3G on your iPhone.
10:15 AM PST Greatest and most innovative feature is the battery: Video talking about battery technology – Bob Mansfield says 8 hours on single charge, 1,000 recharges. Dan Riccio, VP of Product Design – no more removable battery. Video is trying to justify the non-removable battery. Uh oh. “Specially shaped” batteries fit space better. Supposed to be more eco-friendly (lasts longer, less ending up in a landfill.
10:10 AM PST Item #3: 17″ MacBook Pro: Unibody, praise by Apple shown, MacBook #1. 0.98″ inches – world’s thinnest 17″ at 6.6 pounds. LED backlit display (of course) 1920×1200 – wide viewing angle – 700:1 contrast ratio and 60% greater color gamut – Schiller: Best display they’ve done. $50 anti-glare option for those who don’t want glossy – also has metal bezel instead of black glass. SuperDrive on right, ports on left – looks like larger 15″. Up to 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB memory 1GHz DDR3, GeForce 9400M + 9600MGT built in. Standard 320GB, 256GB SSD offered – just like other MacBooks…
10:05 AM PST iWork.com – like Google Docs, but Apple’s version (also in beta)
10:04 AM PST Mac Box Set: $169 for iWork ’09, iLife ’09, Mac OS X Leopard
10:03 AM PST iWork ’09: $79 for single license, $99 for Family Pack (5 machines), $49 with new Macs, ships today…
10:00 AM PST iWork ’09: Numbers: Table categories, grouping based on similar words, easier formulas – 250 that are easy to find and understand…
9:57 AM PST iWork ’09: Pages: Full-screen view, multiple pages on-screen without toolbar. Outline feature – changes dynamically. There’s also a mail merge feature that integrates with Numbers. There’s support for MathType and EndNote, bibliographies – is Word scared?
9:51 AM PST Item #2: iWork ’09: Updates all around. Keynote: Magic Move feature transitions between slides – text transitions have been added (swing, shimmer, anagram) – metallic chart themes, new themes – Keynote remote for iPhone/iPod touch 99¢.
9:49 AM PST iLife ’09: $79 for single license, $99 for Family Pack (5 machines), Free with new Macs, ships January…
9:49 AM PST Now demoing GarageBand…
9:45 AM PST iLife ’09: GarageBand: New user interface, “Learn to Play” feature – HD video teaches you piano or guitar. There are 9 basic lessons. Artist lessons, too: John Fogerty, Colbie Callat, Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy, Sting, and more. Sarah McLachlan, Ryan Tedder/OneRepublic, Norah Jones – teach you how to play your songs. They also talk about the making of their songs and other background information.
9:29 AM PST iLife ’09: iMovie ’09: Last year was a complete rewrite, but lost some features. This year, features are returned with a Precision Editor, drag and drop, new themes, video stabilization. Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect of Video Applications for Apple is demoing it. You can splice clips and overlay audio/video. There are also video effects: cartoon, x-ray, film – real-time effects. A maps feature shows where you’ve been (animated, similar to tagging on iPhoto).
9:21 AM PST Now demoing iPhoto – he’s showing off the new features, doing a great job so far
9:08 AM PST iLife ’09: iPhoto ’09: Last year was Events, this year Faces – organize by people – corkboard feature – iPhoto finds a face using face recognition, you label, it finds them on other photos. Also new, Places – map with pins – uses GPS on iPhone and certain Nikon cameras – add location by hand if necessary. Facebook and flickr buttons are also on iPhoto – Facebook tags synch with iPhoto. Slideshow Themes – zooms, centers, synchronizes with iPod touch and iPhone. New features for printing/travel books.
9:07 AM PST Last year biggest in history – 9.7 million Macs – growth 2x industry – 3 new things today
9:05 AM PST Apple Stores: Showing off Apple Stores around the world – 3.4 million visit each week – come to try things out (iPhones, iPods, Macs) – today’s focus is the Mac
9:04 AM PST Phil on stage – let’s get the show on the road!
9:00 AM PST There’s music playing (Beck), and everyone is taking their places – the show’s about to begin…the keynote is starting—everyone is encouraged to silence their cell phones…as usual, there’s more music playing (now Coldplay)…
8:51 AM PST We’re ready to go! Everyone is taking their seats, slowly, but surely.
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