Article: Why Do You Use a Mac?

Posted on June 1, 2005

Yesterday, we asked readers why Macs are their computers of choice…here are some of the responses.

John K. summed it up best:

In a nutshell, using a Mac lets me immerse myself in the task at hand. It doesn’t feel like I’m using a computer. Using Windows there are constant reminders that I am using a computer and this distances me from what I am doing.

In other words, the crashes and arcane messages and commands on windows are distractions that take me away from my job. The way things work smoothly on a Mac, the smooth motions, the beautiful rendering of text and graphics, the sense of calm all let the “computer” fade away and let me focus on the task at hand.”

Jerry K. shares his thoughts:

“I thought this would be really hard to explain, but it isn’t. Simply put, my Mac doesn’t make itself a presence while I’m working. It just isn’t there in an of itself. I’m able to go from creative thought to output, whether it be paper or web site, without giving it (the Mac) a thought. I’m also able to access the web, confident that I’m safe, at least for now, from prying eyes and destructive forces.”

The response from Sandy H. was short, but to the point:

“It doesn’t get in the way of thinking.
It isn’t ugly.
It treats me like an adult.
It doesn’t break.”

Tori G. found fault with Windows:

“My overall feelings on Windows are…well…PCs suck. Once you use a Mac, I don’t understand how it’s possible to go back to the silly old slow accident-prone Windows; especially if you like to edit . Plus it’s prettier. Macs are pretty.”

Dave H. chose Macs for business:

“For ten years I traveled to sell software products at medical conventions. At first I traveled with a Mac SE/30, then gradually moved through a variety of Mac PowerBooks including 3 Duos, and just about every substantial model Apple ever built. I also used PCs that were shipped to the show. In spite of the travel cases and padding, the PCs frequently had problems. Mac failures were extremely rare. PC problems were frequent. Most PC problems were software related. Without demo systems I had nothing to sell.

When my wife decided to open her own medical lab she asked me to set up her computers. I choose Mac… and in spite of all the nay sayers, they have served her without data loss for nearly 7 years. Most of the initial Mac systems were bought used. Now all but 3 of 16 systems run OS X. I have upgraded database servers three times since day one and am now using an Xserve.

The facility has had less than 4 hours of unplanned server downtime in 7 years. Macs just work.”

Patrick O.’s reason is:

“Because I can trust it.”

Anyone who’s had to fix Windows will agree with Robert J.:

“Because my life’s too short to waste time with shoddily alternatives.”

So, why do I use a Mac? Most of my reasons are much like the other posts. Although I do spend a lot of time on the computer, OS X allows me to spend more time creating things or getting things done. There aren’t any annoying balloons popping up to nag me, nor do I have to worry about security problems, especially since I know that when one is found, it’s usually fixed in a timely manner. I also like the fact that when there’s a problem, troubleshooting is relatively painless and logical — I don’t need to dig up extra CDs and codes. I use a Mac because “it just works.”

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