Article: Thoughts on Childish Ringtones

Posted on April 5, 2006

Let go of the mouse, put the iPod down, take your hands off the keyboard, because it’s time for reader mail about “Am I The Only One Sick of Childish Ringtones?

Jason H. writes:

“Totally agree with you on the ring tones. As much like a normal phone as possible for me. I get really annoyed by people’s cutsie
ringtones. If I wanted to hear music, I’d put my iPod on and listen to something. I certainly don’t want to listen to your phone
make bad music.”

Weili W. thinks its the parents:

“I believe this issue is due to the lack of consideration for others in our society today.

Growing up, I had very understanding parents, but they also made it clear that whatever we do, we should always think of others first. Like other teenagers, I, too, had a cell phones filled with customized rings. However, whenever I’m in public, I always put my phone on vibrate as I’m sure others don’t want to hear my customized ringtones as much as I don’t want to hear theirs.

Unfortunately, most parents simply don’t care anymore.”

Cory T. writes:

“To each his own, but the default Motorola ringtones on my phone buged me too. I made my own retro ringtones, using my iTunes library and making snippets of King Crimson guitar solos (mainly from live performances, they sound great considering they’re coming from the tiny phone speaker). I get to hear one of my favorite guitar solos of all time when my phone rings (until I change it), the opening from Indiscipline.”

Jerry W. puts his position in one word:


Finally, Craig N. surprised me with this comment:

“Hi Eric,
I’m the guy who did the Cingular ring, Vodafone and many more. I will tell you that all clients don’t always go for the cool stuff!

I’m a fan of conventional pattern-based rings too. By the way, I’m also the guy who did many of the Mac OS sounds, and of course have been an Apple fanatic since 1978 or so.”

Some of his Mac OS sounds include Purr, Glass, Submarine, and Temple. Thanks again to everyone who shared their thoughts and keep the letters coming!

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