Article: Matt Bloomingdale’s iPhone 5

Posted on April 29, 2013

Matt Bloomingdale not only helps out and contributes to this site, but he also cohosts Patent Pending, runs The Student Affairs Feature, and his own site. In this edition, he shares his iPhone’s home screen and workflow.

Matt's iPhone 5 border=

There is little of note on the top row with the exception of Fantastical. If you’re not using Fantastical as your primary calendar, you should. The app takes simple sentences and turns them into calendar events. For example, I can type, “Meeting with Eric at Starbucks next Friday from 2-4” and it accurately creates the event. It almost completely eliminates the need to type text into various fields.

Things get a little interesting on the second row. The Starbucks app allows for quick card reloads—they happen frequently—and for weather. My workflow really begins with Clear. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of tasks. Its gesture-based, minimalist design works well.

Evernote is a must. My mind quickly moves from one thing to the next and if I do not get my thoughts into Evernote, it doesn’t get remembered. The OCR function is a blessing. Dropbox is a no brainer. I’m giving Feedly a try. The Google Reader debacle has left me in a bit of RSS limbo. I hate the icon, but the app design makes it easy to stay current. Everything of interest gets sent to Instapaper for easy reading.

Row 4 is about production. iA Writer supports markdown and is one of a handful of apps that make writing on the iPhone tolerable. Articles are then sent to Poster. Poster’s support of custom fields is a must and it’s a clean and easy way to get articles uploaded quickly. I use WordPress to do almost everything but post (e.g. moderate comments, view feedback, check stats, quick design edits, etc.). The Feature home icon allows quick access to review the final product.

I use Row 5 to share and stay connected. Posts get shared to Facebook and Twitter. Tweetbot is the only decent Twitter client with the possible exception of Twitterrific. I terminated most of my connections recently in an effort to be more intentional. With the state of RSS, I use Twitter a lot more for content discovery. Instacast is the most stable and reliable podcast catcher on iOS. Settings has to stay on my home screen until Apple adds some quick access options to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Row 6 is stock.

I have to create action items, process ideas, find information, read, write, and share. I think my home screen allows me to do this as efficiently as possible.

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