Article: More Than Tweets

by on June 13, 2011

Dear SchwarzTech Reader,

If you follow the SchwarzTech Twitter account, you know we retweet a lot of stories from sources we like, share our content, and sometimes add our two cents. Do you ever go back and read old, or more specifically, really old, tweets? Probably not. The same can be said for technology blogs and web sites, but I don’t think we should start dumping information just yet.

If you think about it, anything from about two years ago on our site is probably too old to be relevant in many regards. Most of our readers have an iPhone 3GS, 4, or other contemporary iOS device. Most are running Macs with Snow Leopard. The industry itself has changed dramatically.

Sure, sometimes we link back to an old post or news story to support an article or other content, while other times we may compare and contrast a particular product to a prior competitor or generation. The bottom-line is that in this industry, people care most what is happening right now, and probably have little use for the past. So why not trim our database and just cut our archives?

Unlike the real-time approach of Twitter, we organize the past and keep it for records, for reference, and for motivation. I have some favorite posts, just like any of our staff writers and SchwarzTech Radio hosts. We do this because we hope the site will provide things for people who may be researching Apple or the rest of the tech Web and want some background. We also know that sometimes you’ll dust off an old gadget or computer and need to know what things will work best with it. Sometimes it’s just fun to see what we cared about as tech geeks three, five, or even nine years ago.

So think of this as a challenge from me, to you—go browse through the archives. Think about the old days and go and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Eric Schwarz,

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