Article: AcmeMusic Debuts Online Service; Apple is t3h D3ath!

by on May 18, 2005

I just wanted to throw my opinion about things into the ring. Let’s disregard the analysts for a minute and take a look at Apple, the Mac, iTunes, and to a lesser extent, the iPod. I’m just as sick as the next guy of Apple’s stock being flat, and I think there are some misconceptions that need to be addressed.

iTunes Music Store

I’m sick of reading through my mess of RSS feeds and hearing people arguing about Yahoo entering into the online music arena. The underlying factor, although Yahoo is a big, established Internet company, is that their service uses Microsoft’s format. The iPod is synonymous with digital music, and although part of it has to do with its trendiness, it’s easy. You buy the songs on iTunes, play them on your iPod, burn them to a CD…As Apple stresses — they’re yours.

Although everyone says that subscriptions are the wave of the future, why haven’t they caught on yet? Because a subscription means that you’re getting something. Satellite radio, satellite TV, and cable all give you media in your home or car. You can record things, keep them forever with no additional charges. Magazines and newspapers are a physical item that you get to keep. These music services make render your songs useless if you choose to end your service. Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? It would be like your newspaper ink becoming transparent or taped episodes of CSI disappearing if you choose to discontinue your service. You’re cutting off the pipeline, but not the but also losing what came through it.

I also find the new video features in iTunes puzzling. I think they’re great and quite cool, but I, like many, wonder what’s next.

Mac mini

I’m also sick of people classifying the Mac mini. Some say it’s purely a switcher Mac. Others argue that it’s a good second Mac. Here’s the lowdown — it’s whatever you want it to be. It’s attractive to switchers, but is a perfectly competent Mac for anyone who wants to replace their current machine or act as a companion. I bought a Mac mini not because I newly came over from Windows (I’ve been using Macs for years), but because I wanted something inexpensive and flexible. It gives Mac users enough horsepower for most things, and allows you to use whatever keyboard, mouse or screen you want.

I don’t need a G5 (right now at least), but I didn’t want a bulky eMac. My solution? Get the mini. I opted to use an old CRT temporarily and then get a nice LCD. I have a modular Mac that isn’t the huge, heavy beast that is the eMac. But, this isn’t about me or my Mac mini. I just feel too many are overlooking this Mac because of its price tag (even if you do add in the costs of extra peripherals).


Maybe this is sounding like a broken record, but Apple is the best it’s been in years. They have cornered the market in digital music and music players, they’ve just gotten Tiger out the door (with no major problems), and they have a line of computers with something for everyone. They were making money when the other computer companies weren’t, and have sold plenty of iPod shuffles and Mac minis, two sources of income that didn’t exist a year ago.

I think we just have to ride out the storm of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Hopefully Apple’s stock price will gain some momentum, especially after some new products are introduced and current ones are refreshed.

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