Article: Odds and Ends

by on January 16, 2006

Sometimes while running a news/opinion/review-type web site, one still wants to “blog” occasionally. Well, this is one of those articles. I just wanted to share a bit with my readers and let you know what’s up and where we’re going…

I was quite pleased with Macworld. Although I couldn’t be there to cover it due to things at work, I did have a few staffers there (and help from friends at sister-sites), so we were able to have live coverage even though we were spread out all over the United States. The actual hardware looks like it’s going to be a hit, or at least pave the way for hits. Although my workhorse Mac mini won’t be retired anytime soon (it’s great for 95% of my work), I’m glad that the PowerBooks MacBook Pro now offers pros something with some strength (and that name stinks, by the way).

Of the other announcements, most were expected. I’ll be excited to see these programs first-hand, but for most things they seem to be only slight updates for most features. Podcasters will love the new GarageBand, though. The iPod radio/remote is a nice addition, especially since it uses the iPod’s rather large screen for tuning, instead of separate LCDs.

If you were wondering why publishing last week was a bit few and far between, well, I took another job last Friday and spent most of the last week settling in and getting organized. It was a bit unexpected, but I’m almost completely back up to full-speed. The rest of the SchwarzTech staff has been keeping an eye on things and we’ll be back to reviews soon.

Finally, I just wanted to mention to those who actually can see our ads (because they aren’t blocking Google Ads), we now have buttons for Firefox and Google AdSense. The Firefox one only benefits us if you download the Windows one with the Google Toolbar—we decided to put it up so you can help those Windows users escape from IE. The other helps us if you sign up for AdSense for your own site. We’ve also added a few new sites to the “Sites We Like” section, in hopes of expanding our “friends”.

Anyway, to most people, enjoy your day off and we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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