Article: What Have You Used Your iSight For?

by on April 14, 2009

Since every Mac comes with an iSight camera (well, Mac minis and Mac Pros when paired with the Apple displays), we thought we’d see what you’ve used yours for. You know, the little black square (or circle) right above the display on your computer. Obviously, the original use the iSight was designed for, iChat’s video chats still gets some use, but we’re looking to hear about some more creative things.

With the inclusion of built-in iSights on the MacBook and iMac, Apple also started including a new program, Photo Booth. Essentially (if you’ve been living under a rock or have an older Mac) it allows you to take pictures and use pseudo-green-screen functions. It’s addictive, fun, kinda useless, and its creations can be found all over Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking things. iMovie also included iSight recording (I just recorded a video, but haven’t edited it yet) in more recent versions, as well.

So, please share below — what have you done with your iSight?

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